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We assume no obligation to revise or update these forward-looking statements except as required by applicable law. By identifying and investing in games at pre-launch, Hulk Labs secures an attractive entry point prior to the games’ popularization. Hulk Labs has acquired the marquee gaming assets via a variety of NFT marketplaces. The Hulk Labs team has identified Arcade Land and BitBrawl as being part of the next wave of play-to-earn games and platforms.

  • Apple Music Sing offers multiple lyric views to help fans take the lead, perform duets, sing backup, and more — all integrated within Apple Music’s unparalleled lyrics experience.
  • If looking for a long term currency investment, you’ll want to look for currencies which have a bright outlook for the near future, as buying a currency such as this can generate profits relative to other currencies.
  • When trading forex you might want to hold fire for a bit if there is upcoming news that could impact currency markets – such as the announcement of a government budget or economic impact assessments being released.
  • The Token will be used to inceltivize file sharing and storage within the network.

Staying true to who himself is what he attributes his success to, which has allowed him to prove that music is universal and has no borders. Those invited via the referral link will become eligible to take part in the program once they sign up to the OKX platform. They have 30 days to log into the OKX app after the date they registered. Both the new and existing user will receive a reward from the Mystery Box after the new user’s USD $50 minimum deposit requirement is met. If you’re going on holiday, for instance, and are looking to see how many euros you can get for your pounds, it might be best to keep an eye on currency markets and trade your money when the pound has a favourable value against the euro. The calculator will automatically tell you how much a certain amount of currency is worth in your desired currency.

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It is a land-based Metaverse with 10,000 unique plots where NFT holders can play games with friends. It is focused on interoperability and has signed dozens of partnerships and integrations with top NFT projects. Holders of Arcade Land NFTs get rewarded via tokens, NFTs, and drops of in-game assets.

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Investors in the ecosystem include Anti Fund, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and Mechanism Capital. The jury’s special award for best Kurdish documentary was given to “For Justice” directed by Elif Yiğit from Turkey. The jury’s special award was given to Semin Yildiz from Turkey for the cinematography of “The Rain Bride”. The jury’s special award was granted to “Until Tomorrow” by Ali Asgari, co-produced by Iran and France. OKX is a place where people can trade, invest, and hold thousands of cryptos, digital assets and collectibles. In 2021, the total trading volume on the platform increased more than 700%, while the number of trades executed on the platform increased 480%.

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Players can use the native coin for purchases in the game’s marketplace or cash out their tokens. Right now I am investing in this coin and I will continue to accumulate more on any drops. Great management behind this coin and vey honest young hard working staff running this operation. I expect lots of positive news to come out and what I can see many support groups are being formed around the globe. Be careful for scammers who try to copy this coin and do not respond to them . The feature-length documentary “Mother Tongue” directed by Serkew Mesgari from Iran received the best Kurdish documentary award.

In addition, the game’s land parcels hold yield earning potential, which will be determined by parcel size. OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency ecosystem and exchange, today revealed an exciting USD $10 million Mystery Box referral program. Every participating OKX user who shares the referral link with a friend will unlock a crypto reward from the prize box worth up to USD $500 for themselves and the recipient. Arcade Land is an interoperable Multiverse with fast action games for the entire NFT community. The Arcade Metaverse allows Blue Chip NFT owners to have a place to hangout, play games, earn tokens, participate in exclusive drops, earn revenue through advertisements, rent out land, create a store and more. “By identifying these games as top tier projects we believe they will provide outsized appreciation and yield potential.”

This news release includes certain forward-looking statements as well as management’s objectives, strategies, beliefs and intentions. Forward looking statements are frequently identified by such words as “may”, “will”, how much is a bob in english money “plan”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “intend” and similar words referring to future events and results. Forward-looking statements are based on the current opinions and expectations of management.

Through its growing digital assets and NFTs, provides public market investors with a simple and secure way to gain exposure to Web3. The jury’s special award was handed to the teenage actor Serhed Khalil from Kurdistan Region for his performance in the feature-length film “Neighbors”. Arcade Land is a Metaverse focused on gaming and the play-to-earn ecosystem.

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The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. The following list includes the tokens and coins supported by Okcoin for the time being. BitBrawl has 3 game modes, Casual, Ranked and Tournament; that features 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 game modes where you can use your other NFT’s as “Skins” to earn BRWL Tokens. BitBrawl with Solana Ecosystem partners have a combined audience of over 1.5M people.

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Hulk Labs plans to play BitBrawl via gaming guilds to earn token returns. Similar to staking, primarily invests in assets that will generate a yield. Players earn $BRWL tokens, the game’s native token through player vs. player online combat, similar to Super Smash Brothers.

Since TRON protocol does not rely on proof of work or mining, instead governed by nodes located around the world, it is decentralized while providing high throughput for transactions on the blockchain. This is suitable for dapps that require high speed transactions especially games. There are a number of tokens already issued on the TRON network and the decentralized exchanges has launched. On July 24th 2018, TRON acquired BitTorrent, one of the largest P2P file sharing protocol. As a result of the acquisition, BitTorrent Token was launched as the cryptocurrency to power the economics on the BitTorrent network. The Token will be used to inceltivize file sharing and storage within the network.

The team has analyzed hundreds of play-to-earn projects and has identified indicators that determine these games to have the largest potential to attract wide audiences and provide outsized returns. “The Marble Travelogue” directed by Sean Wang, a joint production of the Netherlands, Hong Kong, France, and Greece, won the best international documentary award. The Best Kurdish Film award was given to the short film “The Banishment” directed by Yılmaz Özdil from Turkey. The winners of various competition categories of World Cinema and Kurdish Cinema in the 9th edition of the Duhok International Film Festival of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have been announced. His touring milestones aren’t the only ones he’s celebrating, he was recently honored with Billboard’sartist of the year distinction. The honor came with him being the cover of the No. 1’s issue, making him the first Latin act to be on the cover of said issue.

brwl coin

The best international film award was handed to “Split Ends” directed by Alireza Kazemipour, a joint production of Iran and Canada. Bengin Ali and Hussein Hassan from Kurdistan Region won the Best Actor award for the feature-length film “The Rain Bride”. Hussein Hassan won the Best Director award for the feature-length film “The Rain Bride”, a joint production of Germany and the Kurdistan region. Bad Bunny finalized the Latin America leg of his “World’s Hottest Tour,” with sold-out shows across the continent, the tour culminated this past weekend with two shows in Mexico City’sEstadio Azteca, the largest stadium in Latin America. The second night at the stadium marked not only his biggest show to date, but also the stadium’s drawing in over 90,000 attendees.

Or for a more graphical view, you can see the Top 50 cryptocurrencies as a tree map:

His record-breaking tours, “World’s Hottest Tour” and “El Último Tour del Mundo,” earned $435.3 million with over 2.4 million tickets sold across 81 shows making Bad Bunny the highest grossing artist for a calendar year in live events history. If looking for a long term currency investment, you’ll want to look for currencies which have a bright outlook for the near future, as buying a currency such as this can generate profits relative to other currencies. The calculator takes the latest information from currency markets to determine exactly how much each different currency is worth against others when making currency exchanges. This calculator helps you instantly figure out how much one currency is worth against another when making currency exchanges.

Apple today announced Apple Music Sing, an exciting new feature that allows users to sing along to their favorite songs with adjustable vocals1 and real-time lyrics. Apple Music Sing offers multiple lyric views to help fans take the lead, perform duets, sing backup, and more — all integrated within Apple Music’s unparalleled lyrics experience. Coupled with an ever-expanding catalog that features tens of millions of the world’s most singable songs, Apple Music Sing makes it fun and easy for anyone to participate, however and wherever they choose. Tron’s mission is to build a truly decentralized internet and aims to be the largest blockchain-based operating system in the world, known as the TRON protocol. The TRON protocol will offer high scalability, high availability, and high throughput computing to serve decentralized applications via smart contracts. Ethereum EVM-based smart contracts will be compatible and deployable on the TRON network as such Solidity developers do not have to rewrite their applications.

He was also named Spotify’s most streamed artist for the third consecutive year, amassing more than 18.5 million streams. Moreover, Apple Music named him its artist of the year, marking the first time since the Apple Music Awards began in 2019 that a Latin artist received the honor. The digital tokens included in the giveaway include BTC, ETH, OKB, DOGE, FIL, SHIB, DOT, LUNA, TON, BRWL, and more. OKX will update the rewards offered in the mystery boxes periodically. Depending on what you choose to mine, you can easily convert your earnings to any of these cryptocurrencies or even Fiat currencies using an exchange like Binance or Coinbase.

Mano Khalil won the Best Screenplay award for “Neighbors” from Sweden. The New Talent award was granted to “Fragments of Heaven” by Adnane Baraka, jointly produced by France and Morocco. The Yılmaz Güney Award was granted to Maryna Er Gorbach for the feature-length film “Klondike”, a joint production of Ukraine and Turkey. The multi-hyphenate artist has continuously broken records while remaining loyal to his essence, culture, and language.

Apple Music will also be launching a suite of more than 50 dedicated companion playlists featuring all of the epic songs, duets, choruses, and anthems that have been compelling people all around the world to sing — fully optimized for the Apple Music Sing experience. With adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics, Apple Music Sing gives fans more control and even more precise timing while they sing along to their favorite tunes. The new lyrics experience and vocal adjustment feature in Apple Music Sing displayed on iPhone 14. Are there any big events coming up that could affect currency prices? When trading forex you might want to hold fire for a bit if there is upcoming news that could impact currency markets – such as the announcement of a government budget or economic impact assessments being released. Our currency converter will help you determine the value of all global currencies against each other.

Whether going on holiday and working out exchange rates or trading forex, this calculator can help. BitBrawl is a skill based, competitive online PVP game based on the Solana blockchain that lets users play against other NFT projects. BitBrawl generates additional utility and cross-pollinates across over 30+ partnered NFT projects in the BitBrawl game. Hulk Labs has acquired a variety of Metaverse land parcels in multiple sizes in Arcade Land, a play-to-earn platform where players can build unique experiences on their parcel and allow other players to visit, hangout and play games. Landowners can build stores, place advertising and sell items on their parcel.

By registering as a Free Membership, you can trade on the Cryptocurrency Exchange immediately. We’ve all heard the FUD reported by various articles over the years telling us that crypto is one big bubble, a huge crash waiting to happen. A GLASGOW-based video interview platform has raised more than £1.5 million to drive further expansion in the US. “We have to say thank you to the emergency services that were on the scene instantly and the people that went into the water, putting their lives at risk as well. “I heard the tragic news last night. It is hard to put into words. I know how close-knit the community is.

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Hulk Labs is a subsidiary company that invests in the NFT ecosystem with a focus on play-to-earn games. The company acquires gaming tokens and NFTs and monetizes them through staking and gaming guilds. BitBrawl is an online competitive combat game built on the Solana blockchain. It is a player-vs-player game that enables users to compete against one another to earn $BRWL tokens, the game’s native currency. BitBrawl sold out of its 10,000 unique Brawler NFTs in 9 minutes and has raised investment capital from top funds including Alameda Research, Shima Capital and GSR. You should use the currency converter if you’re planning to buy, sell, or transfer any kind of currency.

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